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My Story


Where it all began...

It all started back when I was a child. My passion for cars began when I used to collect the match box car series. Every Friday night, as a family we would go shopping, and without fail my parents would buy me the current matchbox car. I think I collected over 200 of them, and my mum still has them packed away for me to hopefully hand down to my children.

I got my first car at 16 years of age, it was a 1966 Mustang Coupe. Dad got it imported from the USA. We had it painted and shipped over to us. Long story, it was a lemon and we had to strip it back to bare metal and start from scratch. It took 5 years and on Feburary 3rd 2002, ‘PNYBOY’ was born. I will never forget this day as it was my sister’s wedding and the first time I drove it was to take my sister to church to get married.


With the legendary Chip Foose as my idol and his tv show as inspiration the ’66 Coupe was no cookie cutter, it was unique!


She was extraordinary. 

yellow mustang.JPG

The body consisted of all brand-new genuine ford body

panels. She ran a Mild 302 Windsor V8 with a custom

made AirRide suspension setup. The interior was

well-groomed with custom white leather interior.

Embellished and trimmed with wild horses,

complimented with matching car mats!


Every single nut, bolt, washer, screw, rivet was

replaced with stainless versions. The complete vehicle

was fitted with stainless steel button head Alan key

bolts. Whatever bolt that could be used using button

head Alan key it was used. With custom stainless

headers and exhaust system was installed and

she sat on rare Centerline Tornado Billet wheels.

Painted in a custom ‘Ponyboy’ yellow.

She stood out above the rest.


We entered several car shows over the years and won some awesome trophies and prizes. Won ‘Best car of show’ a few times, ‘Best Mustang of show’, ‘Best mustang in Victoria on all Ford day’ She was also featured in Performance Ford magazine.

I was so proud and all the hard work that went in to restoring her was paying off.


In 2014 Ford Motor Company released the S550 Mustang GT and announced that it will arrive in Australian in 2015 with RHD versions. It was the first right-hand drive from factory ever to hit Australian shores and I just had to have one!


She was gonna be beautiful! I ordered mine and waited 14 months.


When she arrived, I was over the moon! She was beautiful! But she wasn’t unique. She needed to be different, she needed to be mine!


So, I got to work…


With a fully built Forged 5.0 Ltr Coyote V8 and 2.9ltr gen3 Whipple Supercharger producing over 850rwhp, she ROARS!! She hugs the road with a set of XYZ Coilovers and Whiteline adjustable swaybars and vertical links. With a list a mile long, she is completely trimmed with an incredible custom black and orange Alcantara interior and finished in a custom colour; Cuprum Black Pearl and sits on a set of BC forged wheels.When asked will I ever be finished…I reply with a smile, a slight chuckle and answer ‘No”She is my ‘Dare to be Different’

The birth of Ponyworx

The brand PonyWorx is inspired by an American class automobile launched, and inspired, by the Ford Mustang in 1964

called “Pony Car”.


Pony Car broke all post-World War II automobile sales records, “creating the Pony Car craze soon adopted by competitors”. The term describes an affordable, compact highly styled car with a sporty or performance-oriented image.


PonyWorx started up with the passion to help people build their one of a kind dream ride. We wanted everyone to have their own unique piece of art that they could be proud of!

Being heavily involved and well known in the automotive scene for some time now, we have now

decided to offer our knowledge and expertise to all car enthusiasts who are interested in modifying and customising their pride and joy. 


With a combined experience of over 50 years in building and customising vehicles, our breadth and depth of experience expands across all makes and models and we love all things Mustangs, regardless of year or model.


Customer satisfaction is our key driver: all installations are completed by a highly reputable, well known, workshop who pride themselves in getting the right outcomes first time.

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